If you love gardening as much as we do, then you'll love these 12 clever gardening hacks that will not only save you time, but also a ton of money too! Gardening can become quite expensive after a while, so anything you can do to cut down costs, is a great thing! Plus, with these clever gardening hacks, you'll have that much more time to focus on new plants!

12 Clever Gardening Hacks

#1. Make Your Own Garden Markers

garden markers

Fabricate your own garden markers using stones you found outside! All you need is a sharpie and maybe a little bit of paint. Get creative!

#2. Soak Seeds in Warm Water for 24 Hours Before Sowing

soaking seeds


Soaking your seeds in warm water before planting them ensures that your plants will take root much faster and grow strong and healthy.

#3. Self Cleaning & Sharpening Tool Holder

gardening tools in sand

Keep your gardening tools sharp and clean by sticking them in a clay pot filled with abrasive sand.

#4. Use Coffee Grounds to Keep Pests Away

coffee grounds in garden

Coffee grounds make for great soil compost and enriches the soil too, but did you know that sprinkling some coffee grounds near your plants also prevents pests?

#5. DIY Herb Garden

boxed herb garden

Grab that old box that's been sitting in your shed for years and put it to good use! Fill it with some potting soil and go ahead and plant some herbs!

#6. Diapers Keep the Soil Moist

diaper in garden

It may sounds strange and gross, but laying diapers (absorbent side up) in your pots will keep your soil super moist!

#7. Use Old Boots to Make a Unique Garden

boot garden

If you happen to have old boots laying around, fill them with soil and plant some beautiful herbs or flowers. Not only does this look great, but will also save you a ton of space!

#8. Place Eggshells in Your Garden

eggshells in garden

Crush eggshells and place them around your plants to protect them from insects and enrich your soil!

#9. Keep Herbs Fresh by Freezing Them

frozen herbs

Chop up your favorite herbs, add a little bit of olive oil and place them in an ice cube. When you're ready to cook, pop one out and it'll be as fresh as when it was first harvested!

#10. Use Leftover Beer to Kill Slugs

beer to kill slugs

Got some bottom beer from last night's party? Don't waste it! Place it in a bowl to attract slugs that may be in your garden. They'll drink it and die off.

#11. Use a Cardboard Drink Holder for Starting Seeds

cardboard drink holder for seeds

You don't need a fancy seed starting holder to start seeds. A simple cardboard drink holder works wonderfully!

#12. Give New Life to Old Pots

painted pots

Give your old pots a new look with some tape and paint! Do any design you like – your garden will look 100x better!

Happy Planting!

clever gardening hacks

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