These 10 vertical gardens are SO cute and unique, you'll want to copy them immediately! Vertical gardens serve a few purposes beyond looking amazing: they save a ton of space and keep critters away. Vertical gardens are not only great for small spaces, but also look great in bigger gardens as well because let's face it, they're super decorative aside from being useful. Plus, you don't have to worry about too much maintenance! Let's check out these 14 DIY vertical gardens so you can get inspired to create your very own version or copy one of the ones below!

14 DIY Vertical Gardens

#1. Leaning Ladder Vertical Garden

ladder vertical garden

#2. Crate Garden

crate garden

#3. Wesh Wire Garden Wall

garden wall

#4. Pallets and Paint Cans Garden

pallets and paint cans garden

#5. Tiered Hanging Baskets Garden

tiered hanging baskets

#6. Wire Mesh Garden

wire mesh garden

#7. Succulent Frame

succulent frame

#8. Picket Fence Planter

picket fence planter

#9. Re-purposed Ladder Garden

repurposed ladder

#10. Monogram Planter

monogram planter

#11. Latticed Front

latticed front

#12. Terra Cota Cut Outs

terra cota cut outs

#13. Herb Pockets

herb pockets

#14. Living Wall

living wall

Happy Planting!

Images Via: BobVila

DIY Vertical Gardens

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