If you love butterflies as much as we do, you know very well then that they're attracted to specific types of plants. And really, is there anything more beautiful that having colorful Monarchs roam your garden? We didn't think so! Today we're going to share with you 7 ways to attract butterflies to your yard. Not only are butterflies beautiful to look at, but they can also help with pollinating!

7 Ways to Attract Butterflies

#1. Plant the Right Type & Color

butterfly on flower

Did you know that butterflies are attracted to specific flower types and specific flower colors? It's true! Plant red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple flowers that are flat-topped or clustered.

#2. The Laws of Attraction

Cover your yard with flowers and plants that butterflies like to pollinate! These include but are not limited to cosmos, butterfly bush, lavender, oregano, and sage.

#3. Less Shade, More Sun

If you'd like to see more butterflies in your yard, think of taking down all those umbrellas and covers. Butterflies love the sun, so the less shade you have, the better!

#4. Make a Butterfly Spa

butterfly spa

So now that we know butterflies like bright flowers and lots of sun, why not create a flat space for them to rest on? Place a flat bottom plate and fill it with damp sand or soil near bright flowers. The damp sand/soil will be a welcome relief for the butterflies and will become their new favorite resting place!

#5. Install a Feeder

butterfly feeders

For a super easy way to attract butterflies, purchase yourself a butterfly feeder. They are available online, but you may be able to find one at your local nursery.

#6. Go Organic

Don't spray your garden or yard with harmful pesticides and chemicals. Not only is it bad for you and your plants, but it's a definite butterfly deterrent.

#7. Feed the Butterflies

butterflies eating fruit

Finished with that banana or orange? Leave out pieces of fruit such as oranges, bananas, and pineapples, and the butterflies will love sucking up their nectar!

Happy Planting!

ways to attract butterflies

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