Did you know that you don't have to spend a ton of money on compost and other garden helpers? You may already have something in your kitchen that can do a world of good for your garden, and we're talking about tea bags! Today we'll show you 7 ways to use tea bags in the garden that will make your fruits and veggies that much better! Tea leaves contain about 4.15% nitrogen as well as other nutrients that can nourish the soil in which your plants grow. And just like coffee grounds, the tannic acid in tea leaves can lower your soil's pH!

7 Ways to Use Tea Bags in the Garden

tea bags for garden

#1. Composting

One of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do with your tea bags is to throw them into your compost pile. The tea bags will release nitrogen and attract good bacteria.

#2. Pest Repellent

Keep pests away from your garden by brewing a weak tea, waiting for it to cool down, and then pouring that tea into your garden. Not only are you deterring pests this way, but you're also providing nutrients for your plants.

#3. Plant Food

Feed your plants and make them happy with tea leaves! Simply rip open a tea bag and sprinkle the tea leaves onto the soil where your plants are. The tea leaves will nourish your plants by providing nitrogen and improving the soil.

#4. Feed Acid-Loving Plants

Most house plants love acidic soil, so it's a good idea to sprinkle used tea bag leaves directly onto their soil. It will slightly lower the pH and also provide your plants with much needed nutrients.

#5. Speed up Composting

Looking to speed up a compost pile? Simply brew a few tea bags, wait for it to cool down, and pour the tea as well as the bags directly onto your compost pile. You won't believe how fast your pile will decompose!

#6. Fertilize Potted Plants

Brew a weak tea with used tea bags and water your potted plants with it instead of using regular water. This way, you're getting double duty from your tea bags, and your potted plants are getting some mega nutrients!

#7. Give Your Roses a Boost

Give roses a boost and a lot of nutrients, by sprinkling used tea leaves onto the soil. The roses will soak it up and grow bigger and faster.

Now it's time to start brewing some tea!

Happy Planting!

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