If you like growing zucchini, you'll love learning about the space saving method of how to trellis zucchini. In reality, you can pretty much trellis almost any vegetable that has a vine including tomatoes, melons, and many more!

This climbing vegetable is easy to grow, but best of all, can save you a ton of space when you help it grow on a trellis! Another great thing about growing zucchini on a trellis is that it won't overtake your other plants or vegetables! Because zucchini is a vine vegetable, when planted on the ground (not on a trellis), it can actually overtake the rest of your garden, which is a big no-no! Keep reading to learn how to trellis zucchini in your garden!

How to Trellis Zucchini Plants

zucchini trellis
  • Start by inserting 6 foot metal or wooden stakes into the ground where you plan to grow your zucchini.
  • Insert them about 1 foot deep into the soil.
  • Drive a second stake that's no more than 6 feet away from the first post.
  • Make sure to position the trellis in such a way that it won't block the sunlight.
  • Staple, wire, or nail chicken wire to the stakes. Do this every few inches and make sure there is no slack. This will ensure the vines can climb up and hold on sturdily.
  • In front of the trellis, dig a hole for the zucchini plants. Place the plants or seeds into the hole and cover back up with soil.
  • Water the newly planted zucchini and space each zucchini plant at least 2 feet apart along the trellis.
  • Once the vines have grown and can reach the trellis, help them along by attaching the vines to the trellis.
  • Tie the vines very loosely with a piece of fabric to encourage climbing.
  • You may need to move the vines through the chicken wire every 2-3 days to encourage climbing.
  • Eventually, your zucchini plant will know what to do and climb all the way to the top!
  • Care for your zucchini plant the same way you would if it were grown on the ground. Learn more about growing zucchini in this article!
  • In 40-50 days, you should have zucchini ready for harvest!

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How to Trellis Zucchini
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