If you have a vegetable garden, you may want to check out these 6 vegetable garden flowers you can grow together! These 6 flowers will grow wonderfully in between your vegetables, without impeding growth of other plants, while adding a pop of color to your garden!

Aside from look pretty though, these vegetable garden flowers can help improve your soil and attract beneficial insects to your garden!

6 Vegetable Garden Flowers

#1. California Poppy

california poppy

The California poppy is a beautiful yellow flower that grows to about 12 inches in height. It's great to add to a vegetable garden because it attracts beneficial insects.

#2. Calendula


Calendula is a medicinal herb with many benefits, but the most beneficial for a vegetable garden is that it has the ability to trap bad insects such as aphids and whiteflies due to its sticky residue. On the other hand though, it attracts beneficial insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, and hoverflies. Calendula can also be grown as a cover crop which will help the soil in the winter.

#3. Nasturtium


This annual plant is a dense, low growing flower that makes an excellent living mulch for your soil. 

#4. German Chamomile

german chamomile

This deep rooted chamomile spreads some good nutrients to the soil and also attracts beneficial insects. Be sure to cut the plants back before winter, so that the nutrients can spread into the soil.

#5. Sweet Alyssum

sweet alyssum

Mostly grown as a border crop, the sweet alyssum is a low growing plant that attracts beneficial insects and also acts as a living mulch.

#6. Cilantro

cilantro in a pot

Although not a flower, cilantro has such a strong scent that it will actually repel certain pests. Cilantro is a member of the carrot family and therefore has deep roots which will spread nutrients into the soil.

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Vegetable Garden Flowers
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