Learning how to grow a cherry tree isn't all that hard, but these cherry growing tips will put your cherries on the map! Planting cherry trees from seed is a fun gardening project that will give you big rewards! Although it does take a while for the tree to fruit, once it does, you'll have plenty of delicious, juicy cherries growing every single season! Keep reading to see the best cherry growing tips so you can grow the biggest and best cherry tree on the block!

Cherry Growing Tips

cherry fruit

Growing cherries is pretty much like growing any other fruit tree, but these tips will make sure that your tree grows perfectly and will ensure that nothing goes wrong during the growing process!

#1. Pruning

Only prune your cherry tree during growing season! Pruning while the tree is dormant can actually result in the tree developing disease, so make sure to only prune in spring and summer!

#2. Picking

Pick by the stalks rather than handling the fruit as cherries can very easily bruise and you'll be left with mushy, damaged cherry fruit.

#3. Choosing Trees

If you're purchasing a small tree rather than planting from seed, choose a tree that mirrors the shape you want, as they can be difficult to retain later on.

#4. Where to Grow

Depending on how much space you have in your garden, you may want to try growing your cherry tree in pots or containers! If contained and pruned regularly, a cherry tree can be kept nice and small!

#5. Size

If you have a heavier set cherry tree, grow it in a conical shape. This will not only save you a ton of space, but it will also ensure the growth of more delicious cherries!

Happy Planting!

Cherry Growing Tips

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