Cilantro, also sometimes called coriander, is one of the most flavorful, freshest-smelling herbs in the world, and learning how to grow cilantro is actually pretty easy! These 6 tips for growing cilantro will give you even MORE insight into how to correctly grow cilantro and get the most out of your cilantro crop! Keep reading to learn about these 6 tips for growing cilantro!

6 Tips for Growing Cilantro: A Gardening Guide

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To see a full and complete guide on how to grow cilantro, click the link above, but use this guide as a “dos and donts” of growing cilantro!

#1. Plant Cilantro in Full Sun and Well Drained Soil

One of the most important things to follow is to plant your cilantro in full sun and use well drained soil. They like the sun, but not wet soil!

#2. Better in Cold Weather

Cilantro actually prefers the cold weather, so it will usually grow in spring and fall. Once the weather warms up, cilantro will send up tall flowering shoots, signaling that their growing season is over.

#3. Plant Twelve Inches Apart

Cilantro likes it space, so it's important to space each plant about 12 inches apart, OR thin them to 6 inches apart once grown.

#4. Don't Harvest More Than 1/3 at a Time

Don't harvest more than 1/3 of the cilantro plant at once as this may weaken the plant.

#5. Overwatering

Once the seedlings shoot up, you really don't need to water your cilantro as often as you think! Over watering may cause your plants to die.

#6. Choose the Best Varieties

For a really great harvest, choose slow bolting varieties of cilantro such as Costa Rica, Long Standing, or Leisure.

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Happy Planting!

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