Today we're going to learn how to grow dill from seeds! Growing dill is very easy to do, so it's definitely recommended for beginner gardeners. Dill is often used in pickling, stews, soups, and dressings. Having dill in your garden means a constant harvest of beautiful leafy herbs that you can enjoy for years to come! Be mindful that dill does not grow well after being transplanted, so it's best to grow dill from seeds!

Grow Dill From Seeds


  • Prepare rich soil for your dill seeds and plan to plant in an area that is sheltered from high winds.
  • Sow seeds about 1/4 inch deep into the soil and about 18 inches apart.
  • Rake the seeds gently into the soil.
  • After 10-14 days have passed, you should see the plants starting to appear.
  • Wait another 10-14 days and then thin the plants to about 12-18 inches apart.
  • You can plant dill next to cabbage or onions, but never next to carrots.

Caring For Your Dill Plant:

  • Water your dill plants freely during the growing season.
  • Every few weeks, continue sewing the seeds to ensure a continuous supply.
  • Do not allow flowers to grow on the dill plant.
  • If the soil is left undisturbed, more dill plants will grow again next season.

Harvesting Dill:

  • You can start harvesting as soon as the plant has four to five leaves.
  • You can pinch off the leaves or cut them with scissors.

Happy Planting!

Grow Dill From Seeds

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