Today we'll show you how to grow sorrel, an herb that has a lemony scent and flavor (similar to lemongrass), and goes great in almost all dishes. Sorrel is also called sour dock and is a perennial herb that often grows wild in many parts of the world. Although sorrel is often used in French cuisine, it is not so common in North America.

How to Grow Sorrel in Pots or in the Yard


The sorrel herb will grow about 2 feet in height, and the leaves can be smooth to crinkled, and about 3-6 inches long.

Planting Sorrel:

  • Once all risk of frost has gone, you can go ahead and plant sorrel seeds or seedlings.
  • Choose well drained soil or a pot with good drainage.
  • Seeds should be about 6 inches apart and planted just underneath the soil surface.
  • Keep the soil damp until seedlings start to emerge.
  • Thin out the sorrel herb once it reaches about 2 inches in height.

Caring for Sorrel:

sorrel plant

  • Sorrel grows well without much supervision, and without much water.
  • Give your sorrel plant no more than 1 inch of water per week.
  • Make sure your sorrel plant has lots of space.
  • Once temperatures begin to soar, in July or August, your sorrel will grow quickly.
  • You can leave the flowers to bloom, but this will usually slow down the production of the leaves.
  • If you want to encourage your plant to grow faster, cut the flower stalk off.

Harvesting Sorrel:

  • Sorrel can be harvest from late spring until fall.
  • Only harvest what you are using.
  • Much like lettuce or other greens, your plant will continue to produce outer leaves.
  • Sorrel can be harvest once the plant reaches about 4-6 inches in height.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Sorrel

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