Work in an office and want to brighten up your space? These 20 best plants for office environments will boost your mood, improve the office air, and bring a touch of happiness to an otherwise drab environment. These 20 plants work well for an office because they thrive indoors, don't need a lot of care, and also spruce up the place!

20 Best Plants for Office

#1. Azalea

Azaleas look amazing in any space and they will also purify the air around you! Make sure to keep the thermostat a little lower, as they prefer cooler temperatures.


#2. Pothos

Not needing much care at all, the pothos plant is pretty self sufficient as long as you trim it every once in a while!


#3. Fittonia

The fittonia, or also known as the mosaic plant thrives well in fluorescent lighting, and therefore perfect for an office!


#4. Umbrella Tree

The umbrella tree provides a little bit of office privacy as it can grow quite tall!

umbrella tree

#5. Aloe

Aloe vera purifies the air, doesn't need much watering, and the gel can be used to treat cuts and burns!


#6. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is one of the most low maintenance plants you can have, plus they add a tropical feel to your office!

zz plant

#7. Weeping Fig

Perfect for the office, the weeping fig will filter out pollutants from the air as well as from carpets!

weeping fig

#8. Spider Plant

Often displayed in hanging baskets, the spider plant looks great in an office and doesn't require much care!

spider plant

#9. Ming Aralia

A tall, bushy plant, the ming aralia only requires watering once every two weeks!

ming aralia

#10. Warneck Dracaena

This plant is perfect for the office as it can also grow quite tall and offer some privacy and separation in between work spaces.

warneck dracaena

#11. Cactus

The cactus plant can stand on its own, requiring minimal light and very little water!


#12. Philodendron

A very low maintenance plant, the philodendron can grow tall and add a tropical look to any work space.


#13. Gerber Daisy

With its beautiful flowers, the gerber daisy will add a touch of spring to your office. Plus, they're great at filtering out toxins like benzene.

gerber daisy

#14. Snake Plant

The snake plant looks great in any office, doesn't require much maintenance, and can grow quite tall!

snake plant

#15. Parlor Palm

Add a touch of the tropics to your office with the parlor palm, which is a type of small palm tree!

parlor palm

#16. English Ivy

If your office lacks fresh air, the English ivy is the perfect addition as it filters out pollutants and toxins!

english ivy

#17. Chinese Evergreen

Thriving in low light, the Chinese evergreen requires very little maintenance and also removes toxins!

chinese evergreen

#18. Peace Lily

If your office doesn't have a lot of windows, the peace lily will be your perfect companion!

peace lily

#19. African Violet

Perfect for small desktops, the African violet gives beautiful flowers and requires little maintenance.

african violet

#20. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a type of succulent that requires very little maintenance and looks amazing in small spaces.

jade plant

Happy Planting!

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Best Plants for Office

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