Believe it or not, it IS actually possible to grow olive trees in pots! While you may think it pretty impossible to grow olive trees indoors and in pots, given the fact that they're just massive in size, it actually is doable, and lately, they've become the latest craze in houseplants! Keep reading to find out more information on how to grow olive trees in pots!

Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean and are grown for their fruit (the olives) which are then used on their own or made into olive oil. If you don't live in a warm climate, consider growing olive trees in pots indoors! Those that live in USDA zone 8 or warmer can actually grow olive trees outdoors, but if you do not, don't fret – there is hope for you!

How to Grow Olive Trees in Pots, Indoors

potted olive tree

As mentioned above, olive trees as houseplants has become very popular in recent years and that's mainly because they're so easy to care for! Apart from the fact that they're very beautiful plants, they also don't need much water as they enjoy a dry soil. This makes them ideal houseplants for people who just don't have much time for houseplants!

Their bright green foliage is very attractive, and, in the summer, you'll see small white clusters of flowers followed by actual olives!

But how can you grow an olive tree in a pot and indoors when these trees naturally reach at least 20 feet in height? Easy! You plant them in pots. This controls their size and allows you to have a beautiful olive tree plant right on your coffee table!

The best way to grow olive trees in pots is to buy a small (dwarf) olive tree plant and re-pot at home. From there, you only need to water it sparingly and give it a few hours of sun each day. You can let the soil dry out in between waterings.

To contain growth, prune back in spring once new growth begins. Be sure to clip the longer branches to encourage new growth. Every so often, you may have to re-pot your olive tree as it gets bigger. The dwarf variety can reach up to 6 feet in height.

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How to Grow Olive Trees in Pots
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