There are literally a ton of tomato varieties that you can grow and they're all special and unique in their own way! Tomatoes come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors, and so the opportunities are really endless! Here we've compiled a list of the 8 best tomato varieties to grow! These 8 varieties are some of the favorites because of their taste, ease of growth, and overall maintenance!

8 Best Tomato Varieties

#1. Inca Tomato

inca tomatoes

This plum tomato is an early harvest with meaty fruit and a bright red skin. This variety is great for barbecuing, making sauces out of, and grows into a bush like plant. Great for container/small space gardening.

#2. Ildi Tomato

ildi tomatoes

The Ildi tomato is a cherry tomato variety that bears sweet, yellow pear-shaped tomatoes. These a great for eating raw and do great in containers.

#3. Costoluto Fiorentino

This beefsteak tomato variety yields large, meaty tomatoes that are often misshaped, but produce a great flavor. Great for sandwiches and sauces.

#4. Astro Ibrido Tomato

Astro Ibrido Tomato

This plum variety is ideal for using in sauces and preserves, and does well in container gardens.

#5. Rio Grande Tomato

rio grande tomatoes

This variety is great for those who want a large crop. Great for sauces and preserves.

#6. Tigerella Tomato

Tigerella Tomato

This striped flesh tomato has a very unique and tangy flavor and goes well in salads and sauces.

#7. Super Sweet 100 Tomato

super sweet 100 tomatoes

With a name like that, you bet this cherry tomato is indeed super sweet! It has high yields and goes well in salads or eaten raw.

#8. Red Alert Tomato

red alert tomatoes

The Red Alert tomato is a cherry variety that bears super bright red fruits. Ideal for eating raw, salads, and in sauces.

Plant any of these 8 best tomato varieties and in no time, you'll be enjoying fresh, delicious tomatoes straight from your garden!

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