Today we'll show you 10 veggies you can grow from scraps. This is one of our favorite things to do because not only are you saving a part of a vegetable that would otherwise be discarded, but you're also saving yourself a ton of money! Once you start growing your veggies from scraps, you'll see how easy, resourceful, and fun it can be! Plus, it's always fun to have veggies growing in and around your house and will also encourage your family member to eat healthier!

#1. Garlic

garlic in pot

Grab a bowl or a cup and add some water to it. Then, drop a budding clove or the whole bulb into the bowl just enough so that it covers the bottom of the cloves. Wait for it to grow!

#2. Lettuce

lettuce in container

Take the base of the lettuce in drop it in a bowl of water about two fingers deep. Once the lettuce begins to form some roots, you can go ahead and plant it!

#3. Carrots

carrots in pot

Cut the top 2 inches of a carrot and submerge it in water. Watch it grow!

#4. Basil

basil regrow

Take 3 or 4 stems that around about 10 cm in height and place them in a glass of water. Once the roots have developed (about 5 cm long), go ahead and place it in a pot.

#5. Lemongrass


Cut the tops off the lemongrass, and submerge the bottom in water. It should take roots within 2-3 weeks. Make sure to change the water every couple of days.

#6. Celery

celery plant

Cut off the celery basement and submerge it in water for 3 days. Afterwards, plant in a pot.

#7. Onions

Red Onions


Chop off the bottom of an onion leaving the roots intact and allow to dry off for a couple of hours. Fill a starter pot with soil and plant the onion right in the middle, make sure it touches the soil.

#8. Green Onions

green onions

Just like lemongrass, all green onions need is to be submerged in water and plenty of light. Make sure to change the water every 2 days!

#9. Sweet Potato

sweet potato

Cut a sweet potato in half an pierce it with four toothpicks. Place said sweet potato in a glass of water. Then, plant each shoot once it grows and you'll have sweet potatoes!

#10. Pineapple

how to grow your own pineapple plant

Cut off the pineapple crown and place in a bowl of water. You can find out more about how to grow your own pineapple plant.

Happy Planting!

veggies you can grow from scraps

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