Not all of us are blessed with a big yard or garden, and therefore we have to maximize whatever space we DO have! These mini vegetable ideas for small gardens are ideal for tiny spaces such as balconies, small raised beds, and even apartments. So if you don't have a lot of space but love to garden, these mini vegetable ideas for small gardens are just for you!

7 Mini Vegetable Ideas for Small Gardens and Balconies

#1. Mini & Small Variety Basil

windowbox basil

There is an adorable variety of basil called Windowbox that grows into a 10-inch umbrella shaped plant. This miniature variety of basil is perfect for small spaces! Plant each seed 1 inch apart in the spring once temperatures have reached at least 50F. Once seedlings have established, thin them to 8 inches apart.

#2. Miniature Corn

mini corn

Dwarf varieties of corn such as Blue Jade, Lady Finger, and Chires Baby, grow to 3-4 feet high and produce multiple tiny ears of corn. Start them early indoors as they can take up to 140 days to harvest.

#3. Miniature Eggplant

mini eggplant

This purple and white striped variety of eggplant grows to about 8 inches around and stands on a plant that is just 18 inches high. Keep them in a warm environment and stake them, and within 45 days they'll be ready for harvest!

#4. Miniature Tomatoes

micro tom tomatoes

No, we're not talking about cherry tomatoes here! The Micro Tom is the world's tiniest tomato and grows only 8 inches in height, with a fruit that is only 1 inch in diameter. These novelty tomatoes are super fun to grow and they'll look stunning in any garden!

#5. Miniature Sweet Peppers

mini sweet pepper

Standing just 2 feet in height, miniature red bell, miniature yellow bell, and miniature green bell peppers are popular small variety peppers that are easy to grow.

#6. Miniature Cucumbers

mini cucumbers

Very compact and not needing much support, mini cucumbers are easy to grow and perfect for small gardens. Harvested cucumbers only measure about 4 inches long.

#7. Miniature Watermelon

mini watermelon

One of the most adorable plant you can grow is a miniature watermelon. These watermelon-looking fruit are only 1-2 inches in diameter, but taste more like a cucumber.

Happy Planting!

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