There are literally hundreds of different lettuce varieties, each with its own distinct taste and look. But have you ever heard of Salanova lettuce? The newest innovation in salad productions, Salanova is a hydroponic lettuce that offers superior taste, quality, and production. Today, we'll show you how to grow Salanova lettuce in your garden with these easy to follow gardening tips.

how to grow salanova lettuce

So why is Salanova lettuce so great? Well, there are a few reasons for that. This highly producing lettuce yields 40% more than traditional baby-leaf lettuce, has a better texture and flavor, and also has the double shelf life of a traditional lettuce. This makes the Salanova lettuce superior to most lettuce varieties and a great choice for indoor or outdoor lettuce growth. This variety of lettuce is also resistant to downy mildew.

Is Salanova Lettuce GMO?

You may be wondering, is Salanova lettuce GMO? Surprisingly, no! This lettuce variety is simply the result of selective breeding. The multi-leaf gourmet lettuce took several years to successfully cultivate with absolutely no genetic engineering. The lettuce was actually inspired by a wild multi-leaf lettuce that was found in an open field in Europe.

Where to Buy Salanova Seeds

If you think you'd be interested in growing this gourmet lettuce, we've provided a few sources for you where you can purchase salanova lettuce seeds. All of the below seed sellers have been verified, so you can rest assured you'll get the highest quality seeds!

  • Salanova Lettuce Seeds USA & Canada: You can purchase seeds from Johnnys Seeds. Please note they also ship worldwide!
  • Salanova Lettuce Seeds UK: Purchase seeds from JustSeed.
  • Additionally, you can also purchase seeds from Amazon as well as most other websites that ship worldwide.

How to Grow Salanova Lettuce

Sowing Seeds:

Now that you've got your seeds, it's time to plant your salanova lettuce! Just like other lettuce varieties, this type of lettuce is grown much the same way. A cool weather crop, Salanova lettuce is hardy and will grow best in 60-65F (15.5-18.3C). Sow seeds in early spring, once temperatures reach 60F, or all danger of frost has passed. Sow seeds every 3 weeks for a continuous lettuce supply. For best results, start seeds indoors.


For successful germination, sow seeds indoors and cover seeds with fine vermiculite, about 3-4 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Keep the seedlings in a cool, dry place, and shelter from the sun. The temperature should never reach above 75F (24C). To harden the seedlings, reduce water and temperature for 2-3 days before transplanting outdoors. If hardened properly, this variety of lettuce can survive temperatures as low as 20F (-6C). Plant Salanova lettuce seedlings 8-10 inches apart, and in rows 12-18 inches apart.

Direct Soil Sow:

Alternatively, you can also directly sow seeds outdoors. Because lettuce is a cool weather crop, you can sow seeds in temperatures as low as 40F (4C). Sow seeds about 2 inches apart, and cover lightly with soil. Water immediately after planting.

Harvest Time:

How long does it take for Salonova lettuce to grow? Like most lettuce varieties, Salanova lettuce will take about 55 days to reach maturity. You can, however, harvest a few weeks earlier for a baby variety.

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