Middle of summer usually calls for bolted lettuce and plateaued veggies, but that doesn't mean your veggie beds should stay empty! Once your spring veggies have come and gone, you should replace them with heat-loving ones! So what to plant in July, you ask? This guide to planting & growing in the summer will give you a nice list of vegetables that will actually thrive in the summer heat!

What to Plant In July


vertical cucumbers

Cucumbers only take about 52 days from seed to harvest, and they don't mind the heat one bit! Choose an open-pollinated variety, such as “National Pickling”, which is a climbing vine variety. The vine variety is easier to grow and can tolerate higher heat.

Green Beans

green beans

Most varieties of green beans are ready for harvest within 48 days, and, for a continuous harvest, sow new seeds every 2 weeks. This will ensure a steady bounty all throughout summer and fall!


beets in garden

The edible tops of beets are ready in as little as 25 to 30 days, while the bulbs will mature within 55 days. Beets are great to grow in the heat of summer since they're underground, and the hot sun doesn't bother them.


carrots in garden

Plant your carrots in mid-July for an amazing storage crop by mid September. They don't mind the heat, and will actually continue to grow until the ground freezes. In fact, you can even leave a few of your carrots in the ground during the entire winter and pick them in the spring.

Swiss Chard

swiss chard in pots

Swiss chard is surprisingly resilient in the summer heat, as it doesn't wilt, and is still filled with rich nutrients and antioxidants.


harvesting broccoli

For some broccoli grows great in the spring, while for others, it may work better in the summer. If you planted broccoli in the spring and didn't take, why not try it now?

Of course, all of this depends on your climate, and not all of these may grow successfully for you in July. Alternatively, depending on your climate, you may be able to grow other vegetables as well!

But now that you know what to plant in July, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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What to Plant In July

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