If you're looking to occupy your garden with some fruit plants but don't have much sun, these 7 fruits that grow in shade may be just what you're looking for! Most fruits and vegetables need at least 6 hours of full sun per day, but shade loving plants don't need much sun at all – if any! These 7 fruits that grow in shade will thrive in full shade AND gave you more room for other plants that DO need the sun!

Perfect for a shade garden, these 7 fruits don't need many hours of direct sun, if any! Plant these fruits in a shady spot and leave the rest of the area for fruits and veggies that require full sun!

Fruits That Grow in Shade

#1. Pears

pear tree

Although pears DO need a little bit of sun, they'll thrive easily in partial shade. The “Beth” variety loves partial shade when planted in a westerly facing area.

  • Within 5-8 years, your pear tree should be mature and be yielding delicious pear fruits.
  • After this point, your pear tree will regale you with fruits every year.
  • Pick the pears once they are big enough, and they will ripen off the tree.

#2. Plums

plum tree

Plums, like pears, also prefer partial shade, especially the variety “Czar” which prefers morning sun and afternoon shade.

  • Apply 1 pound of organic fertilizer in March during its first and second year.
  • Apply 1 cup of calcium nitrate in May during its first and second year as well.
  • After the first two years, apply 2/3 cup of calcium nitrate in March and August.
  • Give your plum tree plenty of water, especially during its growing season.
  • Lay mulch around to keep soil moist.

#3. Rhubarb

rhubarb fruits that grow in shade

Early varieties of rhubarb such as “Timperley Early”, “Stockbridge Arrow”, and “Victoria” thrive in shady areas when planted in rich, moist soil.

  • During the first year of growth, do not harvest any stalks.
  • Harvest the stalks when they are 12-18 inches long. This will usually be after 3 years. It may seem like a long time, but rhubarb is well worth it!

#4. Hardy Kiwi

kiwi plant

Hardy kiwis love partial shade – just an hour or two a day of sun is all they need! Make sure to set up a trellis for support.

Pick kiwi plants before the first frost and then let ripen indoors. In warm weather climates such as tropical or subtropical regions, allow the kiwi to just barely ripen on the vine naturally. You’ll know they’re ready to pick once they are the correct size and color (the same size and color you would find in a grocery store). Pick them off and allow them to ripen indoors.

#5. Muscadine Grapes

growing grapes fruits that grow in shade

Muscadine grapes are great for making wine and pies, and can thrive in partially sunny areas. Keep in mind though, that if grown in fully shaded areas, you may not get as many grapes!

In order for grapes to grow, they’ll need plenty of support and training. Choose a vertical support that’s made out of wood or plastic. Train the grape vine on a tall, lightweight, and vertical trellis, or check out the above diagram for different training methods.

#6. Pawpaw Tree

pawpaws fruits that grow in shade

This soft, tropical fruit, will produce easily with only 1-2 hours of sunlight per day!

  • Keep the tree protected in its first few years of growth.
  • Plant to plant in a pot so you can easily move them around from sun to shade and vice versa.

#7. Berries

tillamook strawberries

Berries such as blueberries, currants, elderberries, gooseberries, juneberries, lingonberries, mulberries, raspberries, and alpine strawberries can all grow in partial shade. Keep in mind though, that although they can grow in shade, they will still require a few hours of sunlight per day, especially in the mornings.

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Fruits That Grow in the Shade
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