Whether you have a small garden with just a few flowers, or a full fledged garden with fruits and vegetables, attracting songbirds to your garden is easy! In this article, we'll show you how to attract songbirds to your garden by learning what type of flowers to plant, how to set up feeders, and much more! Songbirds are attracted to many different gardens, flowers, and food, and will come if you set it up right whether you live in the country, the city, or or the suburbs! Keep reading to learn how to attract songbirds to your garden!

How to Attract Songbirds to Your Garden – A Simple, Easy to Follow Guide


Attracting songbirds to your garden doesn't just require plants, it also requires a little bit of planning on your part. Songbirds will come to plants, but they also love a bird feeder, a place to take cover from, and a good water source.

Bird Feeder

Plants and flowers DO provide a food source for songbirds, but have an extra source of food is a surefire way they will come. Not only that, but a bird feeder will also attract other varieties of birds and animals.

A Good Water Source

Birds aren't picky when it comes to their water source, as long as there is one! Think of setting up a birdbath, a small pond, or just plop down a container with water.


Songbirds also like areas where they can take cover from the rain or other elements. The flowers and plants that attract them are a great source of cover, but they also like big trees and shrubs!

Plants & Flowers That Attract Songbirds

Juniper Plants will provide the songbirds with food and shelter well into fall and winter.

Flowering Crabapple are beautiful decorative trees that don't take up too much space, but will provide the birds with food and shelter.

Chokecherry shrubs don't just attract songbirds – in fact, they attract over 70 species of birds!

Elderberry attracts more than 100 species to its flowers, and this small shrub/tree won't take up too much of your garden space!

Flowering Vines such as Virginia creeper, coral honeysuckle, and trumpet vine, are great for cover and for food. These vines will also attract hummingbirds!

A good rule of thumb is to have a variety of different plants and flowers with different coverage, colors, and heights!

So now that you know how to attract songbirds, it's time to get planting!

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How to Attract Songbirds

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