These 7 shade loving vegetables are great for any garden that has more than its fair share of shade! Because these veggies don't need as much sun (if any), as other veggies, that means you'll just have more room for your other plants in the sun!

7 Shade Loving Vegetables You Can Plant Right Now!

#1. Leafy Greens

tatsoi greens

Leafy greens such as leaf lettuce, Swiss chard, endives, spinach, and collards all love the shade! What's even better about these veggies is that they can all be grown in pots or containers, which makes them excellent for small spaces such as balconies and patios!

#2. Radishes

radish problems

Radishes need very little sun, and they grow super quickly! These root veggies are also very low maintenance, making them perfect for those with a not-so-green thumb!

#3. Arugula

arugula in pot

Arugula doesn't need much sun to grow, nor does it need a lot of maintenance, making it a perfect herb for those who simply don't have the time to tend to a garden! Plus, the nutty flavor of arugula makes it the perfect herb for salads and pizza toppings!

#4. Cress

cress plant

Like, arugula, cress is an easy to grow herb that does well in shaded areas. Cress doesn't need any sun, but just make sure to give it lots of water!

#5. Broccoli

broccoli in container

A cool weather crop, broccoli can do very well in containers, and can be planted as late as August! 

#6. Cauliflower

cauliflower plant

Cauliflower is not as easy to grow as some other vegetables, but it also doesn’t require a lot of space or sun. Cauliflower is a cold weather crop, meaning it will not thrive in tropical climates, but rather in cooler, more temperate weather.

#7. Brussel Sprouts

brussels sprouts plant

This cold weather crop may have a long growing season, but it doesn't require much season, and its flavor develops after a few light frosts!

Plant these 7 shade loving vegetables and be on your way to a beautiful, bountiful garden!

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Shade Loving Vegetables
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